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USB Still Camera Driver for Mac OS X  
Supported Cameras
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Mac OS X Driver for USB Still Cameras

The IOXperts USB Still Camera Driver is a plug-in for Apple's Image Capture Architecture (ICA) which allows many low-cost still cameras to work with ICA-aware applications such as Apple Image Capture and iPhoto.

Be sure to test the driver with your camera before purchasing it. An unregistered copy is fully functional except that downloaded images will have a red watermark as shown below. We advise you not to select "Delete Images after Downloading" while testing if you want to keep the images without the watermark.

Sample Image

(Click image for full-size version)

Once you're satisfied that the driver is working, you can register it for $9.95 by clicking the "Purchase" button in the dialog that appears when you connect your camera.

Please note that the serial number you receive is tied to the machine where you register it. If you would like to use your camera with a different computer, please contact IOXperts Support for a new serial number and include your order number (or some other proof of purchase) and the new unique ID from the registration dialog on the new machine.

Os X

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.1-10.4.x --- Leopard not supported
USB port

Click here for a list of supported cameras.

Supported Applications

Any application supporting Apple's Image Capture Architecture, including iPhoto and Apple Image Capture Application (part of Mac OS X).

Installing the Trial Version

1) Download the USBStillCamera.dmg.sit file from one of the links below.

2) The file will need to be unStuffed. If this doesn't happen automatically, just double-click on the file to launch StuffIt Expander. You'll end up with a USBStillCamera.dmg file (dmg stands for disk image).

3) Double-click on the .dmg file to mount the disk image on your desktop as Still Camera Driver.

4) Double-click on Still Camera Driver to open a window containing the file USBStillCamera.pkg.

5) Double-click on that file to run the installer. Then just follow the prompts on your screen.

Download links

USBStillCamera (HTTP)

USBStillCamera (FTP)



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