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Industrial Camera Driver for Mac OS X
About the Webcam driver for Mac OS X
About the Industrial camera Driver for OS X
About the Industrial camera Driver for OS 8-9
About the FireWire Webcam Driver for OS 8-9
About the Still Camera Drivers for OS X
About the 802.11b Driver
General Questions

FAQs - Industrial Camera Drivers for Mac OS X

Many questions about the Industrial Driver are the same as those for the Webcam driver for Mac OS X. All the FAQs for the Webcam driver for Mac OS X apply to the Industrial camera driver except those relating to USB cameras

Questions specific to the Industrial driver for Mac OS X are answered below.

If you don't see your question on this page, please see the Webcam for Mac OS X FAQs, or the appropriate FAQ in the list on the left.




What is an industrial camera?

Industrial cameras are those that support higher larger image sizes, larger frame rates or better color resolution, among other things. They are usually specialty cameras and tend to cost upwards of $1000 USD apiece.

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What cameras do you support?

Check our list of supported FireWire video cameras for the current list.

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Why won't my FireWire Webcam work with the Industrial camera driver?

This is a design feature. You need to install the Webcam driver if you want to use a FireWire webcam.

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Can I use my FireWire camera on multiple machines?

Yes. The your IOXperts serial number is tied to the camera. Install the driver on another machine, and when the Register dialog comes up, enter the serial number you received when you registered your driver.

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Does the driver support multiple FireWire cameras?

Yes. You may use multiple Industrial cameras with the Industrial driver, and multiple FireWire webcams with the Webcam driver. If you need both an Industrial camera and a Webcam, install both drivers. Contact us if you have a lot of cameras you need to license.

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How do I remove your Industrial camera driver?

You don't need to remove the driver to upgrade to new versions. But if you do want to remove it for some reason, a beta version of our Uninstaller is available at the following locations:

IOXperts Uninstaller 1.0b3 (HTTP, fastest)

IOXperts Uninstaller 1.0b3 (FTP)

Please report any problems you find.

How do I remove your driver by hand?

If you prefer to remove the driver by hand, you may use the following instructions.

First, save a copy of your Device Keys directory by option dragging it someplace safe. Your desktop is a good place.

  • /Library/Application Support/IOXperts/Device Keys
  • On OS X 10.3 and later, you may simply drag the following files or folders to the trash, and type your administrator password as required. Make sure you reboot when you are done.

  • /Library/Components/IOXperts Industrial Camera.component
  • /Library/Components/IOXperts Video Support.component
  • /Library/Components/IOXperts Bayer Codec.component
  • /Library/Application Support/IOXperts/Private
  • /Library/Startup Items/IOXpertsDeviceMonitor
  • /Applications/IOXperts
  • On OS X 10.2 and earlier, you need to launch the terminal application, which is located in /Applications/Utilities. Then type the following commands:

    sudo rm -r /Library/Components/IOXperts Industrial Camera.component
    sudo rm -r /Library/Components/IOXperts Video Support.component
    sudo rm -r /Library/Components/IOXperts Bayer Codec.component
    sudo rm -r "/Library/Application Support/IOXperts/Private"
    sudo rm -r "/Library/StartupItems/IOXpertsDeviceMonitor"
    sudo rm -r /Applications/IOXperts

    Be extremely careful to type the command exactly as it appears here. Also note that you must have administrative privileges.

    If you are using one of the 1.1 betas, it is best to install 1.1 final, and then follow the above instructions, as the locations and names of some files changed in various betas.

    If you have more than one of our drivers installed, and only want to remove one of them, you can do one of two things. You can remove only those files specific to one of the drivers, the most important of which are the files in /Library/Components, or you can remove everything and reinstall the drivers you want to use. Don't forget to save your Device Keys someplace safe.

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